Cyperus genus loading black screen from android mobile app

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

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This seems to be consistent with any of the Cyperus (flatsedges) observations that are at a genus level.

Step 1: Select an observation that is Genus Cyperus

Step 2: Select/Click on the “Genus Cyperus” tab right below the observation photo

Step 3: A black screen will open, although the notification bar is still visible at the top. This will stay black for a bit and then close out and open the home/menu page of the mobile app again. (Crashing/Force restarting the app I believe?)

I’m unsure why specifically just the “Genus Cyperus” is causing the issue - It doesn’t seem to happen with any other genus level observations.

That’s really strange. I don’t have the app to test, but there doesn’t appear to be any issue loading the genus page on the web.

Yeah I agree. I thought it was just a passing bug but this has been going on for at least a couple of weeks. I’m interested to see if someone else with an android app gets the same problem, or if it’s local to my phone specifically.

Interesting. Same problem on Android but the app doesn’t crash. Instead it goes back to the search (sort of like the observation crashed).


I can replicate. I’ve sent a screen recording and log files to our Android developer.

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He’s the bug report on GitHub:

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