Dashboard: "Show more" moves to bottom of section instead of top

Platform: website

Browser: Brave

**URLs **: https://www.inaturalist.org/home

Screenshots of what you are seeing:
vokoscreen-2020-11-25_15-31-50 small

Description of problem:

Step 1: On Dashboard, click on Show more at the bottom of a section.

Step 2: The section opens upwards instead of downwards, so now you have to scroll back up to the top to start looking through the photos.

This didn’t used to happen, it used to open (drop) downwards. I have seen this behaviour for several months now, but I thought it would probably get fixed pretty quickly. It has not, so time to lodge a report ;-)

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Thank you for reporting this bug!

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Just a note that the dashboard is in the middle of being redesigned, so this bug might be rendered moot soon.


I noticed this too and for instances when you’re seeing photos it’s annoying. But I actually liked it for reading new comments/IDs on observations because then you don’t have to scroll down to the latest post (which for Gerald would take way too long). I assumed this was intentional.

I have just noticed that the box opens down (the ‘right’ way) again.

Thank you devs :-)

Does it? The contents shift upwards for me like in your original gif.

Just tried it again and it’s still ‘correct’ for me. I’m assuming you refreshed your dash before testing now?

When using Brave I sometimes see the contents shift upwards, but not when I use Firefox or Edge. I’d say probably not worth fixing as the dashboard is being revamped, especially if it’s not consistent

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Yep (yesterday and today), in Chrome.


Okey dokes :-)

Thanks for your responses, Tony & Cassi!

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