Default to Research Grade photos in the taxon photo chooser

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In short, to help prevent people from selecting taxon photos that do not show the taxon in question, it would be an improvement to default to Research Grade instead of all observations in the taxon photo chooser.

Edit: to clarify (and as stated below) this is to change the default only. All of the same options would still be available from the drop down.

That seems like a good idea over all.

That said, there are a number of instances where there are observations that have the correct ID and have not reached RG (and may never reach RG ) and have no default taxon image. I encounter this often in SE Asia where I’m working and I know that others in similar field positions or in areas that are not in the high-density observation areas have similar experiences.

Some consideration should be given to this as well.


I think it’s fine for RG to be the default, but ideally you want to look at more than that. I’d prefer a small indicator or symbol that demarcates what is RG, in a mixed RG / needs ID / casual view.

I also work in an area with fewer observations, and I’m not always certain what to do for a taxon with no default photo, which only has three or four (or no) RG observations from which to choose.


Oh I do like that idea very much!

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I do think this is a good idea. Research grade observations are more likely to be correct in my experience. Above all, the person who adds the taxon photos should be educated on how to identify a species. However, the California Academy of Sciences, the Smithsonian, and local experts or amateurs who may not have research grade photos but have photos that were in some way independently and correctly confirmed by another expert (such as a professor, curator, or the experienced person). A great, accurately identified photo should not be turned down. My point is mainly that scientific institutions like the California Academy of Sciences should also be considered. Their shots may be more revealing and help for easier identification. Just as I am aware that some many grade photos are misidentified by multiple people, I know that sometimes local experts can be wrong. The person who chooses the taxon photos should be properly informed.

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I just want to make something clear because there seemed to be some misinterpretation the last time I raised this.

It does NOT mean that it will ONLY allow research grade photos. You could still use the “Photos from” drop down to select non-research grade. It will just select research grade when the windows first loads.


I’m a bit puzzled about this conversation. I don’t begin to know where to see the windows as shown above?

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go to the page that shows you info about a species (e.g.

Click on the button that says curation.
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 14.51.47

Then click edit photos.


I don’t know if I’m up for it, it would be better if the user could set a default for personal use.

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Nope, I see nothing like the example given by @jwidness in either Safari or Firefox???

It must be there. You go to species page - curation - redaction of photos.

In Safari v12.1.2
Click on Edit Photos under Curation:
Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 17.06.19

@tiwane you made it happen for the taxon photo browser, any possibility for the taxon photo chooser?

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Sorry about that, made an issue here:


Thanks @tiwane @kueda !

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It seems this change is now functional. Many thanks!

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You’re welcome, although I was just a middle man here. ;-) Closing this now.