Deleting all Traditional Projects within an Umbrella Project prevents one from deleting the Umbrella Project itself

Many years ago while I was still in undergrad, I established several projects designed around showcasing the diversity of megafauna within each continent. When Umbrella Projects were introduced, I created one to hold each of these projects. This was just for fun.

I recently decided to delete each project because they never really had a legitimate research-based reason for existing and consequently felt a little aimless; I never had the proper time to manage them and make them all they could be; and as the iNat userbase has grown, I have become increasingly wary about the observations of charismatic, threatened taxa being held in one place.

However, after deleting each individual project, I can no longer delete the Umbrella Project I created - Megafauna of the World. Clicking the URL fails to load the page, so I have no way of deleting it. Simply adding “/edit” to end of the URL does not work either.

It bothers me to leave it like that, and I suspect other users can still search for the project and it would be confusing to click it and have it lead to “nothing”. Is there any work around to deleting it?

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I definitely see an error in the web console, I’ll see what our devs say. I made a new umbrella project on our test server and then removed its subprojects and couldn’t replicate this issue, FWIW.

Seems to have been a one-off reindexing issue. We reindexed it now and it loads.

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