Differences in ID stats counts between pages

Platform: Website.

Browser: Any e.g. Chrome.



Description of problem:
The identification counts are different on the Profile, Your Identifications, and Explore: Identifiers pages. Update: there are also ID counts shown on Taxon and Observations pages which raise similar questions. Some of these have been explained in past topics. This was partially mentioned once in a closed General Topic, but at least some questions seem to remain, given that there are many combinations between the 5 pages, and one page with 2 options.

Note: please see a continued/updated description with additional screenshots is in my comment here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/three-different-identification-counts/29299/9

Not a bug, see here.
The third URL isn’t really comparable – it’s counting observations, not identifications.

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Actually, I did link to that closed topic (update: although I did miss the others). And my Explore URL/screenshot is actually the Identifiers tab (not Observations), so the end of the Solved comment is inaccurate.

Another situation with different counts. I think I know why, but it’s confusing as you navigate the site.


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This one I do remember as having come up in the forum too, maybe others can remind what causes it (counting withdrawn IDs?). It is also somewhat related.

I think the higher one includes disagreements and the lower one is only where ID matches community taxon

You linked to this thread in your original post: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/number-of-identifications-displaying-on-profile-page/17227

@jwidness linked to a different one that you did not (https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-many-identifications-have-i-done/18875) which does give more of an explanation.

Another post that helps explain is here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/observations-identifiers-count-discrepancies/17880


The additional topics are informative, but don’t seem to fully answer all questions, and this topic mentions more than the others so wasn’t redundant. For example, there are actually counts on 5 different pages (Profile: Identifications, Your Identifications page, Explore: Identifiers, Observation page, Taxon page), some of which have multiple filter settings. To determine if there are any remaining questions, I’ll list the explained discrepancies:

  • Explore: Identifier tab without verifiable checked count = count on front of Profile [explained]

  • Your Identifications page (from profile) count = all IDs + withdrawn IDs you made for others (includes non verifiable obs?) [explained]

  • Top Identifiers count on Observation page = number of RG for the taxon [explained]

  • Taxon page leaderboard count is greater than Explore: Identifiers count when filtered to RG, and when filtered to only verifiable. What explains this, in each case (RG; verifiable)?

I also tried to replicate the above, using the genus Delta:

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@pisum I’m unsure if there are any bugs here, but would like to look into this more to check. I read you solved a related past closed topic by saying:

the number identifications that shows up in the Observation detail page includes seems to represent identifications you made on any research-grade observation, including your own observations…; whereas the number of identifications that shows up on the Taxon page includes only identifications you made for others’ observations of any grade…

But in my genus example in my most recent comment I’ve never observed and have only identified Delta. So, could there be more to this? Additional details are explained in my comment above.

i don’t see anything in particular i would describe as a bug.

i think what you’re looking for can be explained if you read through https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/top-identifier-leaderboard-differences/20968, specifically:

(you can also read this post and the rest of the thread: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/top-identifier-but-ive-made-no-ids-of-that-taxon/4930/3 .)

just for example, compare these:

Some aspects still seem slightly unclear, and unclear if they were fully explained in the previous forum topic solutions. But it seems overly complicated to describe and assess them further, so that may not be needed. The more relevant question for me now is whether it would be ideal for iNat to change any of the pages in some way to reduce discrepancies between them, where possible. But that may be better for the general or forum request category. The bug report is good to close now.

Stumbled across this thread after noticing the same discrepancy in Identifications (profile) vs IDs Stats. Where there are different hidden ‘filters’ applied to the numbers, it would be really useful to have some helper text (i.e. on mouse hover/finger long press) to explain, so we don’t have to search the forum for an explanation…

For instance on the IDs Stats field: This total includes IDs that have been withdrawn

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