Different place names for the same location

I post observations from a location using specific GPS coordinates and accuracy, This is a designated place I monitor for a NOAA phytoplankton project. The location name iNat provides varies. Not a problem, but I am curious why this happens.

The location is: Lon, 36.96396, Lat -122.00256, Accuracy 10m. The location is a dock at the Santa Cruz, Small Craft Harbor, also known as the Yacht Harbor.

iNat will name the location:

  • Seabright, Santa Cruz CA 95062 USA
  • Twin Lakes, CA USA
  • Santa Cruz, CA USA
    All names are all technically correct. I sometimes get different names for two observations entered within minutes of each other.

I see the same thing for a couple of locations in New Mexico. None are wrong, just different names for same locations.

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