Display 360 degree view photospheres

360-degree cameras are also becoming more popular. It would be amazing if we could submit “Photospheres” and other types of 360 degree photos, as observations.

Will the image fit into a 2048 pixel frame?

this seems like a cool thing to do for landscape photos, but less applicable to wildlife photography and iNat. how often is the organism 360 degrees around you?


I think its less important from a wildlife perspective, unless you need a habitat shot which my bosses really appreciate. A 180 degree panaramic view is usually adequate. Where I see the potential is I’m doing a lot of Invasive Species mapping this season (Phragmites in particular) and I’ve used panos a fair bit to show the scale of the infestation. Especially in road ditches and shorelines. These I cannot upload. as the photos are two big for iNat to handle.

I’m going to close this, it’s a niche case and not too applicable for organismal photos.