Distinguish genus from nominate subgenus in iOS app

In the iOS app, it is needlessly difficult or impossible to distinguish the genus from the nominate subgenus. For instance, if there is an observation that has been identified as Andrena subg. Andrena, its listing on the app will be the same as for an observation ID’d to genus Andrena, except with a different photo.

(left: subgenus Andrena; right: genus Andrena)

To make things worse, if I click on the taxon, it first gives me the Wikipedia description related to the genus; I need to click through to “More information on iNaturalist.org” to find out if this is a genus- or subgenus-level ID. There are similar issues with suggested ID’s and the Explore function, and I have definitely seen observations unwittingly ID’d to subgenus, and have done it myself.

I would suggest that the taxon be specified for subgenus, just as it is for Subfamily or Tribe etc. (And perhaps just specify the taxon for genus as well - I don’t think it would hurt to have “Genus Andrena” spelled out as well, for new users.)

I realize that a related feature is requested in the following thread:

Display genus along with subgenus, section, etc

and that this was reported as a Bug here: here

but the request is (I think) somewhat different in scope, and the bug report was dismissed as not a bug.


Made an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/INaturalistIOS/issues/610

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