Don't redo search when the Filters tab is open


If I’m searching for taxa identified only to Kingdom, and then by pg 34 realize mostly it’s Fungi, and that limiting the search to only animals will be better, opening the Filters tab is counterproductive. The identify page will reset to page 1 immediately - which is bad, if for instance I decide to call of the search before going all the way with it and entering animals in the taxon bar - as I’ve already lost my place in the Identify pages. And so this discourages fiddling with the parameters in any way unless you are absolutely sure you want to discard the current search. Many of the results of a search I skip over so they don’t get marked as reviewed; I still wouldn’t want to see them again when I come out of the Filters tab to the reset Identify page.
Also it would be good to have any additional filters I select after being on Identify for a while filter the current results, without resetting the search, unless i indicate I want a re-search - it might leave me on the same page, for example, and then I might just go back a few to find a good spot.