Double-Tapping ‘Done’ When Adding More Photos to an Observation Closes the Observation

iOS 13.4.1
iNat 3.0.3 build 604

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: When I am making an observation I select photos to add, as normal. That works fine. If I have more than four photos to add, then I’ll press the + button to go back to my gallery and select more. After selecting them, I’ll press the pictured ‘done’ button. There’s often a delay between when I tap it and when the app shows me the observation with the photos in it again. If I tap ‘done’ again while in that delay, the app will close the observation as if I had pressed ‘cancel’ without saving the observation.

  • The amount of photos doesn’t seem to matter
  • The album I select the photos from doesn’t seem to matter
  • The amount of extra times I tap the ‘done’ button doesn’t seem to matter
  • After I multi-tap the ‘done’ button, I’ll see the observation edit screen displayed for a half second or so before it closes. When that happens, I can see that the photo(s) I selected before multi-done-ing has been added to the observation twice

Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t test this on my phone as I’m using iOS 14.0.1, which has a totally different photo chooser. We’ll take a look this week.

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Since the update to 3.0.4, this bug remains the same. I figured it would, because the update wasn’t made to address this (afaik), but I thought I’d add the extra info anyways.