Download location checklist CSV with first/last seen columns

Hi all, I’m trying to create a location checklist for my research area of interest that includes columns for the date the taxon was first and last seen (currently, it only lists the URL for these observations). There are “created_at” and “updated_at” columns, but after double-checking against the observations, it seems that this is the date the location was established and then some unknown date (it does not match the date that the taxon was last seen).

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this? Or would I have to manually check dates for each species?



The only way I know of is rather than trying to download the checklist to rather do a search of observations in the geography and/or taxonomy you are interested in and then exporting that obsrvation list from where you can manipulate it in the spreadsheet or data analysis tool of choice to get this.


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So sorry for the late reply! I was not notified of your response and forgot to check the forum. I will give this a shot, thank you!

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Thank you!!

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