Downloading project observation miss out some of the observations

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Step 1: Download observations data

Step 2: Using the default columns to select

Step 3: Exporting the data to Excel as a csv file

Step 4: The data excludes some of the observations without any obvious reason. Handling the data cannot be done securely and easily. The project was a challenge where the winner was awarded. We had to do the calculation of observation manually, as the exported data couldn’t be trusted.


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Can you give an example of an observation that should have been in the export but wasn’t?

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Hi, thanks!
There were several missing, but for example this one wasn’t exported:

We were looking for four different bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum, Bombus pascuorum, Bombus pratorum and Bombus veteranus) and four of the participants who had most of those (research grade) were awarded. During the calculations, we noticed that the exported data didn’t include all the observations (we tried to export several times). Username lauralallallaa had 47 observations from which 44 was exported, kplamberg had 27 from which 25 was exported, piaruoho had 20 from which 17 was exported. We couldn’t identify the reason for this.

this problem was previously described but never resolved i think. see

Thank you Pisum for pointing out. Yes, this is most probably the same problem.

I just exported observations for Stadin Kimalaiskisa and got all 269 currently listed on the website, including

I’m a little confused by your numbers – you say lauralallallaa had 47 observations, but iNat shows 75:


Presumably you mean 47 observations of the target species, but the project collects all Bombus, including ones you weren’t targeting. Were you filtering for these species before export or after?

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason the project collected all Bombus and not just the 4 targeted species?

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Hi, yes with 47 I meant the target species. We didn’t do any filtering before, only in sorting out in excel. The reason we had all bombus species included was because of our overall targets of the organized bioblitz. We exported the data several times, and each time something was missing (this varied which of the observations were missing). As mentioned before, we couldn’t identify any logical reason for this.
Thus, I cannot really say why now all the observations are included. Good if it’s working now!