Elasticsearch error on iNat

This error message has randomly popped up a few times for me on various pages today on iNat, first time I’ve ever seen it

I click ok, but nothing happens (and there doesn’t seem to be a perceivable error of any kind, I just continue browsing as I was before)

I got this error for the first time today as well! I clicked OK and nothing seemed different afterwards.

I got it once today, too; when I clicked ‘ok’, the page spat out my taxa and location filters, and gave me a global Recent Observations page.

I just arrowed back to where I’d been before the hiccup, tried the search again, and everything’s been working normally ever since. :woman_shrugging:

I got it too, yesterday afternoon (using Chrome Version 124.0.6367.118 (Official Build) (arm64). Refreshed and all was well…

I encountered it once yesterdy as well. I’ve let our devs know.

We think it should be fixed now, but please report if you see it again.