Error on exceeding size of flag entry

There should be some next to the flag entry form warning about the size limit. Also it would be best if a user is not allowed to enter more than the acceptable words. I pasted in some text from wikipedia which made it exceed the size limit and then all the input was lost.

Agree, I think it should be changed to a more standard text entry field with either no limit or a much larger limit.

I agree, the flag entry box is rather small and to be honest, mildly annoying to work with.

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I second this. I’ve typed in carefully worded phrases only to lose it all because I had overshot the hidden limit.

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My sense had always been that the flag reason was intentionally supposed to be a brief summary phrase, so people could easily see the general topic, with more details to be included in the comments section.

But yes, some indication of the max length at least would be good. Indeed, what is the limit? I’ve never encountered it…

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That would be sensible, except that it’s not obvious that a comments section exists, or how to reach it, when adding a flag.

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That is a good point. It might make sense to add a comments box to the initial flag creation dialog, and then actually open the new flag after saving it, instead of just providing a link to it as is done now, so that the comment functionality is more visible. I would definitely support that approach.

It should now no longer be possible to enter a flag reason that exceeds the limit (255 characters).