Establishment status of newly described species

I’m doing some catch up work on my raxa curator responsibilities.

Curious on thoughts, when adding a newly described species, ir will typically come with range info. Say a new spider is described from India. Should it be entered as Endemic to India, or Native to India, under the assumption it may exist elsewhere, and not have been found there yet ?

What about in cases where endemicis are more prevalent, such as an island - say the type locality is Sri Lanka.

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I’d say that if the species is currently known only from a particular country, state, island, etc. then it should be considered endemic to that place, even if that designation is only provisional pending possible discoveries elsewhere.


Yes, the species must be considered endemic. Imagine hypothetically that a new, say, tit species was found in Sri Lanka (an endemism hotspot as you mentioned earlier). If it is only known from that location, it is considered endemic.