Euheliodines, new genus in Heliodinidae moth from 2004/5

Before I add a flag, I want to get some input from the field. The genus is described in this paper and listed as “Doubtful” in GBIF. It is not currently part of iNat taxonomy. What would be the reasons for or against adding it? Thanks for any advice! [Sidenote: there are two other genera in the paper missing from iNat - Pseudastasia and Scelorthus. I will also go through and make appropriate flags for species after resolving genus discussions.]

For what it’s worth, I think these observations represent Euheliodines chemsaki, if I’m interpreting the description correctly (not an Lepidopterist!), and that’s what inspired my question. If you have ID input, please make those comments on the observations, not here.

I can’t comment on this specifically, but the person who would have a better understanding would be Chuck Harp (@cehmoth]( It might be worthwhile contacting him.

Emailed him last night!

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