Favorite places in profiles

Just like how a users profile shows their favorite taxa, I think it would be a good idea to also display favorite places. For example, I enjoy reviewing observations from Texas, Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean, so I would list those as my favorite places on my profile. Not only would this feature be a good way to help people learn about the interests of other users more through their profiles, but it would also be useful in determining the accuracy of a users identifications, as their ID’s would be more likely correct in a location they are interested in, and would therefore have some knowledge of the local flora and fauna. As for where this feature would appear on the profile, it could just be underneath the favorite taxa bar, but there are other locations that would work too, open for suggestions on that. What do you guys think of this feature?

I’d find this useful if my selected favorite locations were then prioritized when I go to choose a location in Explore, Identify or “Filter by Place” for a taxon.