Favourites 1, a list for learning Parasola

Yesterday I reviewed and identified quite a lot of other people’s observations of the Parasola genus (Fungi) and marked some as Favourites intending to study them to try and get a handle on Parasola’s characteristics. This afternoon I re-discovered my List page. Started a Favourites list that I hope to populate it with all the ones I faved yesterday. Is that possible?

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Lists are for taxa, not observations, there was a post about such observations, but mostly you either favourite them or make a bookmark.

A better solution would be a Traditional Project and/or a Journal post where you can collect the relevant observations.


You can see the observations that you favorited at https://inaturalist.org/faves/rita-de-heer


Thank you @zdanko, I’ll be able to do my comparisons very well from this page

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