Field values changed to default when editing locality name

This happened a few times at the end of my session about 11 hrs ago, and is happening consistently today. I checked on multiple obs edits and its happening regardless of whether the field value was edited during the current edit.

Please provide specific examples, screenshots, and steps we can try to follow to replicate the issue. It’s very tough to diagnose an issue without specific details.

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Its no longer happening. When it was happening the field in question was “Tanekaha Ridge”, for which I had recently ie in the last hour or two, added the value “yes” as the default value.

Just to clarify for the record, when the issue continued after the 12 hour break the field in question had of course been created 12 plus one or two hours prior…just in case it’s relevant

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Update - I don’t have time to make screen shots etc sorry, but it may be useful to someone to know that I think I know what’s happening, and it’s not a bad thing.

Today when editing co-ordinates and/or locality names in a few obs one-by-one, I noticed before I pressed the “Save” button that the Field value had changed to the default.

In the cases observed, the Value that had been previously assigned no longer existed due to my having edited the Field recently.

In the cases I observed and reported earlier, that may also have been the case.

Though this would have been a logical outcome, it was unexpected because I have been editing Field Details, often eliminating a Value, for a year and a half and, until these recent experiences, the edited-out-so-now-non-existent Value persisted in those observations to which it had previously been assigned, until such time as I edited the Field Value set in the observation, if ever.

This was sometimes an advantage (info retained in the obs until such time as I decided what new Value to assign) and sometimes a disadvantage (obs with that Value don’t appear in Field Value searches).

Now, after editing other aspects of the obs one is reminded, if alert to the changed Value before saving, that the original Value has been lost from the observation, and can select from the new range of values.

The original value for multiple obs whose Field Value is no longer an option can also be preserved by eg adding a tag to all observations with that value before editing Field Details, then searching for obs with that tag, and bulk-editing to add the new Value.