Filtrer des ordres d'insectes


I need help with the Inaturalist website.

In the filter of the “explore” part, I cannot, precisely, filter orders of insects (beetle, butterfly…) when these orders are indeed present in the place sought.

How can I apply this type of filter (I specify that when I type this type of filter in the “description” part, it does not work)?

In the explore tab, use the first search bar to filter to the order you want

OK but will it apply to a chosen location?

if you search for a specific location in that second search bar after searching for the insect order, it will only show you that insect order from that place

You can even use the map view and redo the search within your map boundaries.

Indeed, it’s so common that I didn’t think about it (like what, I’m looking for complicated methods when there are much simpler ones).

Thanks for the tip.


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