Finding species observed by only one person within a project

After participating in this year’s CNC (my first!), I was curious to know how many species within the CNC project were only represented by research-grade observations from a single person. I wrote this little python script which analyses an iNat export file and produces a summary and HTML-formatted list of observers and the species which only they observed. The code can be found here and here, and here’s an example analysis for the CNC Wien.

If anyone’s interested in this kind of data but doesn’t know how to run the script themselves, let me know and I’ll happily run it for you.

I think a feature like this would be a great addition to iNat projects — I would do it myself, but I’m not a ruby programmer. Another idea I had was an analysis which lists non-research grade observations with a species-level ID not currently represented by a research-grade observation in the given project — again, let me know if this is something which interests you and I’ll build it if people want it.


I think this could probably just be done with url parameters, but good work!

I poked around in the API for some time without getting any results before deciding to make a script which analysed a CSV export instead. Let me know if you find a way of doing it inside iNat!


I’m just using the information provided in your description, I don’t know exactly what you’re searching for:

That link should give the exact same data, somehow we got different results.

My script searches for species which are only represented within a project by research-grade observations from a single observer — i.e. species which are only in the project because of that person, regardless of how many observations they made of that species (that’s why just searching the project for species with a single observation doesn’t work).

It’s an interesting metric for things like the CNC, allowing people to see which species they alone observed within the scope of a particular project.


That’s an awesome idea, and I was wondering about it myself. I keep failing to learn to program (that’s a summary) so could you run for the UK page?

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I’ve written a small react script which do the same. Unfortunately it has only Russian interface.

You can fill project, user and check mark “Виды, встреченные только этим пользователем” to get the list.

PS: There are some others scrips on the site to work with iNat API.

It seems you have only one exclusive specie (not taking to account below and above species taxons):
Ramularia rubella.

The forum won’t let me embed the HTML here, so here are the results and here as raw HTML if you want to post it to the project journal.