Fishing for Golden Trout

Hello! I just spent a week backpacking in Wind River Reservoir, Wyoming. One day we hiked into Upper Deepcreek Lake to fish for Golden Trout. We spent five hours fishing. We tried lures, flies, and live insects. Between five people and three hours of fishing, we caught one monster golden with a yellow and black lure (we released after taking a couple pictures).

We saw lots and they seemed to like teasing the lures. They also seemed to be high jumpers. We saw several jump and least a foot out of the water!

I’d like to hear other people’s experience with Goldens. Where did you go? Did you catch any? Did you use lures or flies?


I’ve only seen them in a captive pond, part of the gardens at Glen Burnie House. Unfortunately, an eagle discovered them and ate them all.


On worms in a little creek off the Kings river in the Sierras. The population was dense and they were all very small, and biting like crazy


Not with golden trout, but rainbow, steel, forgot what else was there, I had your exact experience! I was disappointed, as we were only visiting. Curious to see the replies here.

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I backpacked a lot in the High Sierra in the 70s and 80s. Golden trout are native to the upper Kern River basin (Golden Trout Wilderness) but have been introduced in other areas of the Sierra and other mountain ranges in the west. For lakes I would use small spinners like Panther Martin, Super Duper, Mepps, etc. For streams I would use a salmon egg (Pautzke’s Balls O’ Fire) on an egg hook with a small split shot on the line about 2 or 3 feet above the hook. I know a lake basin in the Sierra where the golden trout grow large. It’s a secret.


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