Format comments with clickable links and display pictures

I like to convert long URLs into shorter tags, e.g. when referring to observations. And I just realized that in the (android) app, those links are not displayed blue and instead shown as plain text. This is especially annoying when taking effort to explain to others and they cannot follow on what you are talking about, and you might not even realize it.

E.g. here, where - when scrolling down in the discussion, ‘banana’ leads to a collection of observations; the same could be achieved via a URL, but it’s not visually pleasing to put such a long string in a text:

Is it possible to implement HTML coding in the app, and if not, could the tag at least be transformed in a clickable URL?

No replies so far, but I want to extend my request to comments containing pictures. They are also not displayed in the App. Would be possible to at least place an automatically generated text, saying like '“this link/photo cannot be displayed, please visit the observation at ‘’ to see it”?

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