French distribution of golden jackal

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Do you know where I could find an updated map of the French distribution of golden jackal ?

Distribution map here and a comment

Presence in Europe, either as native or vagrant, follows Trouwborst et al . (2015) and Krofel et al . (2017), with the exception of Slovakia where they are now considered native (after Slamka et al . 2017), and mapped range follows Trouwborst et al . (2015) in mapping only areas of (current) permanent presence. In early 2016, a Golden Jackal was camera-trapped in the Veluwe Nature Reserve in the Netherlands, the first record for this country; there have also been several recent (since 2015) records from Denmark and at least one record from Haute-Savoie in France in 2017. The expansion thus appears far from being complete and the distribution range of the species is predicted to continue to increase towards the west and north of the continent.

It will be interesting to see how the simultaneous return of the wolf in some of these areas (e.g. the Dutch Veluwe and central France, see Louvrier et al., 2017) will affect the expansion of the Golden Jackal though. Trouwborst et al. (2015) and Krofel et al. (2017) both establish that Jackal establishment is unlikely in places where wolves are commonly present, which might push Golden Jackals into habitats unsuitable for wolves where they exist, or prevent their range expansion into new areas altogether where no alternative habitats exist. Some research suggests that even in the densely populated Netherlands there is sufficient potential habitat to support wolf populations as well as 800 family groups of Jackals (Wennink et al., 2019), but whether they will actually expand into these habitats remains to be seen.

Please tell me you’re not planning to raise these in your terrarium…

Given the place that the species takes, it would surprise me if this was possible. :joy:

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