GBIF clusters for iNat records

Those who are familiar with GBIF could check an experimental feature which highlights possible duplicate and/or related occurrences.

At the moment, 174,688 iNat observations are clustered with other GBIF-mediated records. That’s really awesome to see herbarium vouchers for the iNat records automatically and unmistakenly selected by GBIF.

A link to clustered data:

An example of a simple cluster (photo + specimen):


Wow! That’s really amazing!

Just for interest I checked one of my several thousand records that occur in both iNat and a national fungarium collection data-set, and they don’t get linked. In fact I can’t find any that are linked.
e.g. this …
Occurrence 2802601372 (
and this …
Occurrence 1944425399 (

So what is it that stops those being flagged as likely the same?

These two records are clustered:

ok - got it - I wasn’t clicking on the cluster tab.

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