Giving a Zoom talk for the Philadelphia Academy on iNat and Shells

In case anyone is interested, on Thursday evening, January 21st, at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, via Zoom, I will be giving a talk/Zoom Meeting on “iNaturalist and Shells” as part of a virtual meeting of the Philadelphia Shell Club, which is virtually hosted by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences.

My talk is entitled: “iNaturalist: The easy way to record, learn, and communicate with others about the shells you find.”

To learn more about me, or iNaturalist, before the meeting, you can check out my profile page:; or my ResearchGate page:

The talk will not simply be about shells, as the principles are of course the same for any group of organisms.

A link to the Zoom meeting can be found here:

You can also join to hear audio of the meeting by dialing: +12678310333,83453412766#

It is not necessary to Register in advance in order to attend this talk.


Sounds interesting! What time zone is that?

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Thanks! I added that it is 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. 7:30 pm is the beginning of the Shell Club meeting, and hopefully they will not have any announcements etc that will go on before me, or if they do, hopefully they will be very brief indeed.

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Thank sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing the link. Looking forward to it!

Cool! Hopefuly I will remember… if so, I will join. :-)

Reminder to everyone, this is soon! In like 15 minutes!

Thanks for coming Blue. It was nice to see you, and what you had to say was very helpful.

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