Good iNatting spots in Nova Scotia (summer)?

Hello iNatters of Nova Scotia!

I’m going to be visiting Nova Scotia near the end of June - any good wildlife-observing spots that you’d recommend? (or resources for finding these)?

I’m especially excited to see:

  • Birds specific to the east coast of Canada
  • Coastal birds in general
  • Things that live in tidal pools
  • Interesting insects

Ideally, the locations would be:

  • Between Halifax and Lunenburg on the south side of the province
  • Easily accessible (i.e. no large flights of stairs, no steep hills, terrain that is relatively even and easy to walk on, <10 mins from a parking site)

I’ve been trying to find good spots to visit by searching for iNaturalist observation “hotspots” for specific taxa (e.g. Scolopacidae) but nothing seems to stand out on the map.


Good tidal pooling near Lawrencetown!

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