GPS apps for Android phones?

I was wondering if anyone out there uses a GPS app with an Android phone – I help out with HMANA’s Winter Raptor Survey, and we’re looking for something to suggest for putting together a KMZ file for their routes.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Are you trying to record a route that you’re on for later use? Or you have a kmz and you want to display it easily for someone to follow along?

Gaia GPS is great:

You can do a lot with a free account, and you can easily share and download your tracks both from the app and from their web site. Download formats are gpx, kml, or geoJSON.


Seconding a recommendation for Gaia!

I’ve never used Gaia, but it looks nice. If you’re looking for something simpler, I use the app GPS Logger. Definitely gets the job done and lets you export in a few different formats. No ads or IAPs either.

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The most versatile GPS app I’ve found is GPS Essentials. I’ve tried all the others but keep coming back to GPSe. Difficult to get the hang of but well worth the effort. There is a good manual too.

Maybe OBsmapp is a better idea. You can start a track, enter all the Raptors, upload the data and from the website you can download the kml-file or find the kml-file on the SDcard: [sdcard]/obsmapp/kml

Thanks again, everyone. I’ll bounce these off everyone else – I have a feeling we’ll want a short list of them so our volunteers can find the ones that they prefer.

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