Green Grasshopper in Montana

I need help with a grasshopper id. Yes, I know it says that’s what iNat is for but I don’t have a picture and I’ve only seen it once. Alright, here’s the description and location.

Sighted In – Stillwater County, Montana
Sighted Date – Summer of 2013
Habitat – Steppe-scrub, on top of a plateau. Heavily vegetated with cacti

Grasshopper – Bright green with a HUGE hump on the thorax, nearly the height of the head. Between 2 and 3 inches long, or roughly the size of a Carolina Grasshopper (Dissosteira Carolina). Transparent clear wings with a very faint yellow tinge. Any guesses?

That might help, or post a photoless observation with the description and location details etc…


No, not even close. It was definitely a grasshopper, more locust-shaped to be actual. The closest-looking species I can find is the Green-striped Grasshopper but it had a hump, not like a katydid.

The hump itself looked more like this species:

You can make the observation without a photo.
You can also draw one (even if you aren’t a photorealistic or technical illustrator) and include that info.