Guides feature will not be accepting the initiation of new guides

When you state that the guides are an “as is” feature and no upgrades will be done, does that mean to technical support will be provided to this feature, or does it mean to people, don’t bother starting a guide, as you cannot add it to iNaturalist anyhoo, and if you start one it will be a waste of time. If this is the case, can you please state that as well.

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I’m not quite sure what the bug is from your bug report. But to try to answer what I think you are asking

  • you can still create new guides and they will be visible to other users
  • you can still edit content in existing guides
  • the site will not be doing any additional development work on guides, this includes anything in terms of new features or fixing any issues found in them
  • the site has on numerous times said they do not plan to delete the guides functionality or guides done on the site, they just will not allocate any resources to them
  • you are free to create and use guides as they are

Hi there
Thank you for your reply. I was wondering, as I started a guide, and did some work on it, and now when I have some time again, cannot find it again to continue. So that’s why I was wondering if new guides could not be started.

Thanks so much Guides seem like quite wonderful tools. I will look some more for the one I started. I didn’t get to publish stage but I did save it.


Not sure if you found it or not but there is a tab on the opening screen of guides that says “By you”. Select that. If you have saved it, there should be a draft there.

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