Has an observation ever got dangerous?

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I have a pretty interesting story to tell, it isn’t the organisms or habitats that made the observations dangerous, but unrelated medical issues that lead to some observations coming into existence.

I recently went through a self-inflicted overdose, which resulted in a drug induced episode leading to a 36 hour gap in my memory. During that gap I was still walking around and doing things, albeit extremely inebriated and not fully conscious, I somehow lost my phone and clip-on macro lens.

Well, I hit a 1-in-a-million chance and found both my phone and lens on a hike half a year later! Surprisingly, both of them are still in tact and working perfectly fine, and I was able to recover all of the photos from that day and upload them.

The Tasgius observation is the last thing I remember photographing, everything else was during the overdose, and you can see in the latest plant observation, that half of them are drifting and blurry, there were well over 50 of those blurry “nothing photos” on the phone and I’m assuming my device was discarded and lost right after.

Thankfully, the incident didn’t cause many long-lasting problems for me, and I’m in great health now!


After going through this post, being related to Indian Wildlife since long, I would like to offer few comments as below:

  1. I Never ever get down from the vehicle or adventure on foot in any Indian Wildlife Park.
  2. I Never ever try to take a Pic of wild animals from a very near distance. Trying to take Pic of any Wild creatures by cellphone approaching nearer to them- NEVER NEVER. Missed many rare events when my cam was not with me- but no regrets for that…
  3. I Never ever fed any Wild Animals out of affection or otherwise. I’ve seen so many YT videos projecting tourists repeatedly feeding an Indian Wild Elephant (Although I’m not convinced that the Elephant was a wild specimen) which got millions of likes. Such vids are not to be liked. Never ever do such acts.
  4. Wild Animals never attack without any reason. Attack only out of fear or being disturbed by us. No not the Street dogs also. They never attack any person without any reason.
  5. Indian Rhinos, Herd of bisons (american or Indian Gaur), Wild Buffalos may look cool and timid as the domestic buffalos, they are not.
  6. Wild Elephant with their cub- I show my affection with my cam. Babies are very adorable and cute but the Elephant Mothers will not spare me if I go nearby her cub to show my affection.
  7. I never think I can be a Wildlife Protector. I don’t have that capacity, power or authority. Wild creatures can take care of themselves. My motto is to not disturb them, not to destroy their habitats. Occasional rescue activities are exception only.
  8. I never think I’m a …Expert or this Reptile has become pet of me. No bravery- those disturbing acts are stupidity.
  9. For most of the conflict mishap incidences, I believe, we are responsible, not they.
    PS: English is not my First Language. Like Wild Animals, I’m not also an English Expert. So if there are any language isuue- I apologize for that.
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Absolutely! Got attacked by this raccoon! used a screenshot from the video as my ID aha. All good though, just needed a few round of rabies shots


A Forest Officer was coming for duty on a bike in the night. A Rhino smashed him with a Tree. He had 4 months to retire from his Forest Job.
An Elephant came out from forest on Road and stood in the middle of the Forest Road. A Bank Security person went to give him a salute- That was his last salute.
A person was feeding an Wild Elephant. His friend was filming. The Elephant accepted two Bananas from him twice, third time the person was found at a long distance away.
And many more …
U r a lucky person. Only few Injections. Hahaha.
Recent Experience:
https://youtube.com/shorts/l-dFS6nwEc8?feature=share (may watch)

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