Has iNat changed your behavior or routine?

Yes, I acknowledged your reply and have seen your awesome postings. Sincere regards.

Upon getting phone that attaches GPS points to pictures, I’ve developed a good habit of spending time after every outing decompressing and uploading those photos to iNat. It’s nice to just take photos and worry about the rest later-- I’m doing a much better job at actually looking at what’s in front of me… I feel like I used to focus too much on making an observation right then and there, which slowed me down and just distracted me from reality.

I have to use iNat nearly daily for work, so it’s helpful to have the choice to put off uploading things as long as I want to as well.

Plus, it’s fun to review what I saw on a voluntary outing a few hours after it ends :) it’s like a visual journal entry!


Yeah, same. As a result of iNat and all the cool dudes I get to meet, I pretty much only hike by myself now. I actually am super reluctant to go out with other people, lest they assume we will be hiking together :joy_cat:… I also frequently just randomly see something in the distance and wander off trail for sometimes quite a while… just me being a bird thrashing about in the underbrush…


That’s not too bad. Before I got iNat I maybe had about a thousand photos. Now, however…

I definitely take a lot of photos and videos now because when I first got iNat, I was surprised at the lack of past photos I could upload. So now, I take as much photos as possible just in case they’d be useful in the future


Loving all of these answers!

As for me, I find myself shouldering my field pack and getting outside more often than not. Unless I’m having a pain day on the scale of “:notes:I Wanna Be Sedated :notes:” to “Please, just shoot me now”, I’m walking around somewhere. Even if it’s not very much, or very far. Which means, eventually, fewer high pain days.

If I’m having one of my ‘functional-but-not-particularly-mobile’ days, there’s always the Wildlife Drive at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. It’s good for the inside of my head, because I can distract myself from thinking about whatever hurts. Also, for much of the Wildlife Drive loop, the Refuge staff want you to stay in the car. Bison are testy beasties at the best of times.

But the best part? Coming home, and sharing everything I’ve seen with The Doctor, and all of you.


To say the least, it has made me more aware of my surroundings. I never really paid attention to life around me, especially living in a large, modern city. I used to take the shortest route before iNaturalist, but now I try to take routes that could expose me to areas where I know life is thriving. It rekindled an old interest in nature, which was buried by the haste of time, and I’m very grateful for that.


“Buried by the haste of time…” Elegantly phrased!

Even though I was always looking for bugs and birds and fossils pre-iNat, I feel now like I went through the world half-blind to all the more complex and subtle wonders I might encounter, and like I could have gotten so much more out of some of the travels I was so lucky to take. Now I take at least two cameras with me whenever I go anywhere and slow everybody down with my photographs and sound recordings, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One small change:

Whereas before, I might just have let something go in my Grinnell journal as “an unidentified _____” (fill in the blank with a broad-level taxon) if I didn’t have the appropriate field guide, now, I may consider uploading it to see if I can get a name for it.