How can I find contact to the iNaturalist curator responsible for Zygentoma insects?

Dear All,
I am looking for contact with the iNaturalist curator who is responsible for Zygentoma insects (or any other curator who can help to add necessary changes in case of this insect group).
Thank you in advance for your help and support.
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Hi @radomirjaskula
First welcome to the forum

I visited the Zygentoma order page and see that @szucsich ( Nikola Szucsich) is both the top identifier of Zygentoma and also a curator. Maybe you can start here.

Hope this helps

PS Kindly note that the @names in bold (Not grey highlight) are not on the forum (or not with this handle atleast)


i think you would just create a flag on Zygentoma asking for whatever changes you need, along with support for why the changes should be made. eventually a curator will come along and review / act on that flag.


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