How can I stop the Android app from continually telling me that I need a network connection?

The other day I was hiking around, and didn’t have a signal on my phone. I took a lot of photos and created Observations with them. Every time I did that, I got a popup message on my phone that took a long time to go away, telling me that I couldn’t sync unless I had a network connection.

Even when I stopped using the app, it was running in the background, and kept popping up messages telling me about the lack of a network connection.

I eventually had to force-stop the app, because it wouldn’t stop with the popups.

I looked, and there doesn’t seem to be any setting to tell it to not alert me about lack of a network connection.

Can the developers of the Android app comment here about how to turn off these messages, or why there isn’t a way to do that, if not?

  • Tim Bessie
    San Francisco, CA

Sounds like you need to go into “Settings” and turn off “Automatic Upload (Auto Sync)”. (Not a developer.)


Nope, all network-related settings were turned off, but I still kept getting this message, unfortunately.

  • Tim

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