How do I find and fix my old mis-identifications?

Spoken by someone who does not have over a thousand IDs

How do you “keep up” when there are cases where you are not going to change or withdraw the ID? For example, I have cases where classes of students piled onto the wrong species ID in a genus. It may sound minor, but it was at the boundary where an invasive species may have been expanding and completely hid the change.

I think this is what I need

Find a few people willing (and able) to help you work thru the relevant URL and clear the backlog together.

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I think you meant “over ten thousand”, since I actually have about 4,000. I did get the fail whale when trying to go to your last page, though, so good point.


Thanks everyone, for the tips, links, and discussion. Mostly I just want to learn from my mistakes- and I hope the process of withdrawing my old incorrect IDs will help me do that.


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