How old does your account need to be in order for the new user limits to be taken off?

What is the max replies youre allowed to have? I got a message saying I have to wait 22 hours to post more replies. Im a bit sad because I thought I could do more. Does that limit ever get lifted or will it always be there?

(Sorry I have alot of questions)

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I would love to help you, but to be honest I’ve no idea about how there ranks work! But I’m sure someone who knows will surely answer your questions!

Thanks for the feedback!

It does not matter. If if it does not matter, why does the message tell you to wait 22 hours?
{see reactions below, it is the wrong link about the site, not about the forum…}

It said that for the safety of the forums I had reached the max limits of topics, replies, and messages allowed for a new user

That link is about the site, not the forums.

@TheWoah Once you reach the first trust level, the restrictions are mostly removed. See


So its the website itself and not the forums?

No, this is about the forums. The link that @optilete sent is about the site.

Oh sorry I read it wrong

It doesn’t take much for you to be automatically brought from trust level 0 to 1, but in special cases you can send a message to @ forum_moderators to have it done manually


I think the reason that there are initially limits to posting on the forum (besides weeding out spammers, etc.) is to encourage newer users to, for example, use the forum search function first to see if their questions have already been asked, answered, or discussed on other threads in the Forum. This helps reduce repetitive discussions and keep topics more coherent and consolidated.

Slowing down a bit within a topic also gives more participants a chance to put some thought into their contributions to the discussion without feeling rushed.

To reduce the number of posts that the system “sees,” you are also encouraged to consolidate responses to different people into a single post, using the quoting function to show what you are responding to, like this for example:

Just put your cursor where you want the quote to appear in your post, then highlight the part of another post that you want to quote, then click the quotation mark tool at the top of your draft post to insert the quote.

Hope that helps…

[EDIT: another way to reduce post numbers, if you just want to acknowledge or say “thank you” for a response, is to use the :heart: on the response instead of adding a reply.]


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