How to annotate discarded bait?

How does one annotate discarded bait? An example is the commonly used freshwater crayfish for saltwater fishing.


Maybe include a note that it’s bait and ID the organism, but mark it captive/cultivated? You may even technically ID it as Homo sapiens, since it’s evidence of human activity, but others may argue that’s a stretch.


Are you referring to Annotations, or the Data Quality Assessment?

I think it would be fair to ID as human if that’s what the observer wanted, but otherwise, I wouldn’t ID it as Human if the observer was looking for a crayfish ID for example. I agree that adding that info in notes/comment would be good.
I think if it is dead or hasn’t moved from where a human left it or is incapable of doing so, I would mark it as captive/cultivated.
If it is a bait organism that was released nearby and is now free-living, it would be wild.


I would say Data Quality Assessment. I think it should be made casual in some way, just not sure which way is best. Sounds like maybe giving a thumbs down for “wild” might be best?

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