How to change an ID that's in conflict

I’ve a couple of hummingbird IDs that I mis-identified, then had an identifier agree with my original ID. Subsequently another identifier who literally wrote the book on North American Hummingbirds, came up with what I am sure is the correct ID for the species. I withdrew my original ID and agreed. However ID of the identifier who agreed with my incorrect ID still stands, thus placing the bird only to genus (hummingbird sp). How can I correct this?

@ mention that person, and ask them if they would review their ID

Or tag in someone else you trust to ID hummingbirds.
The ID may also resolve itself in time, as more birders see it.


You can tag this user or write them a message to withdraw their id, but in fact they can (and have a right to) stick to it, so maybe tagging more experts to weight in will be easier/faster. Last way to resolve it is reuploading it with a new id, but it’d be better imo to let that expert id stay.


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