How to find new users in the wake of the CNC?

In the Identify module, there is the possibility to filter for users having their account created within the last week, and by tweaking the URL that time window can be changed.
I would like to get a list of those users, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to generate a .csv file with these filter settings. Are there other ways to get a list of those users?

It would also be great to have a tool that displays, over the last years, the number of users in a specified region, to see the gain of iNatters and the effect of events like the CNC. If anyone wants to program such an app, I would use it :-)

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Active ones for regions can be found out with filters, probabli API can be used to show blank ones too?

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if you’re just trying to get a rough idea of users created during the period, the recent new users section of the site stats page will show this for up to the trailing year.

if that won’t work for some reason, user IDs are assigned sequentially. so if you find the first ID that was created at during your period and the last ID that was created during your period, then all the IDs in between would be created during that period.


Wow now I want to look up my “closest siblings” so to speak haha

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But these are global stats, not for a specific region

theoretically, you could tie an IP address to a location, but i’m not aware of a way for regular users like us to access that information, and i’m not sure if staff would track that information either.

an alternative is to look at site affiliation, if the region you’re interested in can be represented by an affiliate site. so you could do the second thing that i noted before and then iterate through the users to find if they are associated with a given affiliate site.

the final option is to infer user location based on observation locations, though this works only for users who have made observations. (as the site stats show, the majority of new users don’t seem to create any observations.) with this last approach, you would just get a list of users who have made observations in a given place, and then check or filter the users on that list to see when they created their accounts.

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