How to find out when a country came online on Inaturalist (Specific reference India)


Was curious to know when inaturalist came online in India / or became popular.

I understand observations could be historical but is there a way of finding out when adoption of the app / data base took place - a sort of time line.

As of today India has the following statistics

SPECIES - 19,935
OBSERVERS - 16,501

Wanted to see this in comparision to other Indian databases like here


You can filter observations for date uploaded, I don’t know how to find out which period was the start, but at least you can see when first observations were uploaded and with what rate.

I can think of a few ways to view observation data for India on a timeline.

Within iNat, you can see a History chart on each taxon page – there is a filter in the upper right for location. The limitation is that the highest level is Kingdom, so you can’t see all observations at once.

GBIF has a fairly nice interface for charts/metrics, though this obviously excludes iNat records not sent to GBIF. (The India Biodiversity Portal also has a GBIF dataset that you can use the same tools on for comparison.)

The API can also supply information about number of observations over time, e.g. this tool from pisum shows monthly counts starting in 2017.


Thank you

this is wonderful

IBF - India Biodiversity Portal began in 2008 and is supported by the top “institutions” – Inaturalist on the other hand has not had the same “institutional” support in India - so to me it is pretty amazing that in slightly shorter time span the organic growth of inaturalist has been phenomenal

While not meant as a critique of IBF - their tools are much harder to use and not meant for the “normal” user - by normal I mean a person who has no grounding in the biological sciences.

Many of the top users on IBF are also some of the top users / contributors on inaturalist India - but I suspect there are some mutually exclusive populations as well.

I find it interesting that September 2020 was the month that saw the most observations - it surely must do with the Big Butterfly Month India project

Once again thank you



Thanks @Marina_Gorbunova I think @jwidness 's post below got the information I was looking for.

The earliest observation posted on inaturalist (for India) is this one , though posted in 2021 it is still great to see such observations.


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