How to make a Dawn Chorus Observation


Was curious is there was a reasonable way to make a dawn chorus observation, given that there are multiple species calling and not all of them may be identifiable.

Duplicating (multiple times) one entry and entering the other species is feasible but how does one reflect the “dawn chorus” part in the observation.


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It seems that the only way right now is to put ‘dawn chorus’ in the notes or as a tag. In cases where I’ve done this, I usually will duplicate the same recording several times, for each species putting something akin to ‘Dawn chorus. Audible at 0:05, 0:11, 0:14’ in the notes. This saves time for identifiers and prevents confusion on the target for the observation. If a particular species is especially hard to make out, I will sometimes duplicate the recording, and upload the shortened clip as a secondary clip and make a note of it. You can also use the ‘Linked Observation’ observation field to link all the observations to each other.


aah I did not know of the linked observation field, Thanks for that advice and also for the others

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