How to post images in Journal Pages

Have been trying to understand how exactly to post images in a journal post

I read a few similar posts, like this which has this html code snippet
<a href=“*picture URL* ”><img src=“*picture URL* ” width=“250px”></a>

or this code
< img src=“[ ](”> (without space after “<”)

from this link

I am simply unable to get the images to show up.

I create the journal → Save the Draft → run preview and all i get are tiles

The images I am linking are either dropbox or google drive links.

Am wondering what I am doing wrong.

Would really appreciate help in figuring this out



I can’t vouch for all the above code, but the BONAP images (or I guess any images referenced from a journal entry on a non https site) won’t load in Chrome because of the issues raised in the second link you provided (which is a Chrome issue). BONAP images do load under Firefox at least when I try this (angle brackets <>removed so it wouldn’t try to resolve):
img src =“

oh, thanks

So will try in a non chrome browser.

But i suppose the image not showing will continue to be a problem for those using a chrome browser ??

you have to make such links accessible to anyone, not just you.

BONAP serves this up only on http://, but tries to access it via https://. so that’s the problem in this specific case.

this is invalid code

if you want to to use a combination of markdown and html, then you could do this:
[<img src="">](

which is equivalent to this in all html:
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

which is equivalent to this in all markdown:
[![optional alt text](](


The links I am using from dropbox and google are both https

I will try and see if this works

what i’m saying about google drive and dropbox is that they are both file shares that have controlled access. typically if there is an asset within one of these that you want to share widely with the public, you will need to make a view-only version of the asset available via a specific link using the file permissions within google drive or dropbox.

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Any suggestions on where to upload images so that they can “defeat” the controls.

you’re not trying to defeat the controls. you just need to use the system to grant the right access to your media asset. here’s a video someone made a while back that shows how to embed an image from google drive to another site: it’s an old video. so the exact steps might be different nowadays, but the general process should still work (though i haven’t actually tried myself).

there should be a similar process for dropbox. you can search the net for exact instructions.

I’ve faced this challenge before. I never figured out how to make it work successfully with Google Photos, and have been using for the past couple years when doing iNat journal posts. I don’t love it and feel uncomfortable posting my images on a site like that, where I don’t understand all the issues of access and permission and risks that the photo links may or may not work someday, but it seemed like a popular and free image hosting service that did what I wanted it to do. Maybe someone else on the forum has a better suggestion.

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Once again am back asking the same question as in [this thread on how to post external images on the journal](}

One suggestion was to use imgur. This image

That does not seem to work

I also created a google photos link

this is the image i wanted to share in a Journal post

Once again am asking for advice.


@bouteloua Thank you, for re-opening / merging this (and also fixing a quote issue in another thread.

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what is the exact syntax you’re using in your journal to try include the image?

I created a test journal entry for your images here:
Both google and imgur links work for me (in Firefox). Here’s the relevant code:

From imgur:
<img src="" alt="Test image" width="240" height="180">

From google:
<img src="" alt="Test image" width="240" height="180">

Be sure to link to the actual image file, not the google or imgur photo display page. To get to the image file from the display page, right click on the image and copy the image link.


Thank you very much, your solution for google photos works – this has solved a very big issue for me.

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