How to search for iNaturalist place IDs by standardized region codes (FIPS, SGC, etc.)?

I’d like to figure out how to query or filter iNaturalist places by ISO 3166 codes, SGC codes in Canada, FIPS codes in the US, or equivalent standards in other regions. Either that or the other way around (get a region code based on a iNaturalist place ID). This would make it easier to combine observation data with other geospatial datasets.

Two less than ideal ways I can think of:

  • Use /places/autocomplete from the API to search places by name, and do some filtering afterwards based on admin_level, place_type, or other fields in the response
  • Intersect observation coordinates or place polygons from iNaturalist with polygons from another dataset

Does anyone have ideas for a better way of doing this?

None of these data are stored in iNat, so any implementation needs to be external.

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