How to use iNaturalist's Search URLs - wiki part 1 of 2

I don’t know where to find the syntax rules. I’m trying to find observations that are in a place and not in a project. I tried “without_project_id” and “not_in_project_id”, based on the examples I see in this conversation. Can you help me with this. I’m sure there must be a place this syntax is published, but I don’t know where that is.

The syntax is:


(no ‘id’)

Many of these filters are not anywhere on the site, which is why this Wiki is useful, and I’m sure @tiwane will add the filters to it as he goes along.


Can you not edit the Wiki post at the top? The idea is that anyone can add to it, if they have a high enough trust level. Do you see an Edit button on the bottom right-hand corner?

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I have added the “not_in_project” entry! Earned the wiki editor badge in the process!


Added these to the Wiki.

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I think you meant “not_in_project”.

I took the liberty of adding to the Wiki a couple more Project-related queries from the iNaturalist API documentation found here (scroll down the page at that link). I haven’t specifically tested these. If they don’t work as expected, please reply to this post.

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Oh, thank you, Tony :-) Have added Annotations and some further notes to Fields. I think we need a list of all the possible term_ids and term_value_ids. I will do so later when I have time if no one else has done it by then.


Done! Feel free to add anything I missed.


Oh brilliant! Thank you so much Jim :-) Our power is about to go off again (look up ‘load shedding’ if you haven’t heard of it before…) which greatly reduces my productivity and use of the internet.

Oh, and if you want to put some more stuff up, have a look at this post - - for info.


Also added the parameters for excluding annotation values.

That’s a handy list that @tonyrebelo has put together, and would encourage folks to check it out. Think I’ll wait to add any more to this Wiki until there are specific requests, so we don’t crowd it with too much small-niche things. But of course that doesn’t stop anyone else from doing so…

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Is it possible to perform a search for something that is not in a field? I want to find all my Mycena lazulina sightings that were not found on Dicksonia antarctica (this is the most common host). From the above I’ve learned I can do &field:Fungus%20substrate=Dicksonia%20antarctica but need to change the equals operator to a “does not contain” instead. The field is free text so my wording is different just about each time but I basically want all the ones that don’t contain Dicksonia.

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it’s a workaround, but you could export the csv for “all with field” and then sort by that value in a spreadsheet. There are terrific data manipulation tools, especially with the versatility of spreadsheets, so anything you are struggling to do in iNat can be tackled if you can get a reasonable starting point for the export.

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Thanks - that’s good enough - also found two where I forgot to list the substrate and one where the habitat was in the substrate field! :)


This part seems not to work. Or perhaps I have misunderstood.

My URL,14,15

Is an attempt to find all Plantae without Plant Phenology set. The results seem to show everything

Try on the Identify page:


Hi @bouteloua, yes that worked. I wonder why it didn’t work on the Observations page though.

Anyhow, this helps
Thank you


Actually, let me be more complimentary. This works and it enabled me to do exactly what was required. So, excellent. Thank you


I am finally finding time to study and practice this topic. So far i gave not succeeded, but I am starting to gef the idea.
In the wiki, there is some code I don’t know the function of:
“You can search for all obs with a field regardless of the field value:
%20 means a space, that is explained.
What is (s20Afr) ? Is that an example of a Field value, whose name is spaceAfr? Are the brackets part of thd url?

I would guess it is “Habitat (s Afr)” referring to a field used in South Africa. @tonyrebelo may be able to confirm