How to use iNaturalist's Search URLs - wiki

Thank you - it would be helpful for our own particular mission on iNat to have these filters for missing metadata. I guess I should submit a feature request.

Oops, or according to the intro page there, to “suggest it as a specific idea for one of the large items on the [2019 development] agenda”. Will come back to this later!


Is there a way of searching for observations which I haven’t identified? Specifically I’d like to check if there are any of my observations which I have forgotten to ID (and I guess others would find that useful too).

Not that I am aware of.

When you identify an observation it marks it as ‘reviewed’.If you don’t mark observations as ‘reviewed’ unless you’ve identified them, then the ‘identify’ page automatically shows you only those you haven’t ID’d. Under the explore filters you can select ‘more filters’ then ‘reviewed’=no. Is this not quite what you want?


Why does this query work only for organisms which are wild?

Search/filters default to only showing “verifiable” observations, (which excludes captive/planted), just untick “verifiable” or add “&verifiable=any” to the url.


Making some progress with this at last, thanks to all the help here.

Currently trying to find results filtering “simultaneously” by two fields with specific values for each. I have tried using the Observation Field & Value search first, showing the results in Explore, then adding to the url the second Field and value.

Didn’t succeed with that - might be due to a mistake or maybe the code needs to be changed in that situation.

I will post an example but can’t at present as I have tried several variations and don’t have an example intact at present.

In the meantime, is there a general principle for filtering for two sets of Field/Value?

and a corollary - as a workaround, I created a Project which requires one of the Fields. Using that Project as a filter of Field/Value results in Explore view, I can filter Observation Field values successfully to results which also have the field required for the project. But since the Project won’t require a certain Value (at least, not by any means I have tried) the results still need to be filtered by the second Value.

I may have made an error in code, or maybe it didn’t work withField results filtered by the Project requiring another Field, because this example worked:

Embarrassed that I can’t figure this out, but where is the list of term_ids and term_value_ids?

They are the numbers defined in the part of the wiki quoted below, found by scrolling down through the top post in this thread.


I don’t know if I’m just being dumb or what, but I’m trying to search for leps and beetles, in NY, that don’t have life stage annotations. Ive been trying,47157

and it’s still showing me observations that have these annotations. What am I doing wrong? Or did it just stop working at some point? Thanks.

without_term_id seems to work with identify, but not with observations.


Well, that’s annoying. Thanks for letting me know, though!

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Someone might have an answer. I just have never had luck with the one, but the other works fine. Identify can show RG items, so that might be a workaround.

@clockwood what is the aim of your search? If it’s to find obs without annotations so that you can add annotations, then Identify would be your best option anyway.

I don’t want to use Identify because I’m on mobile.

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Okay. I have not used the app, so I don’t know how Identify on mobile is different to the web setup.

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Does not work anymore, hence i have created a feature request.

Is there a way to access the Disagreement Count directly, so that I could query Disagreement Count>1 on my own ID’s to see where people have disagreed with my IDs?

I know there is a field available in CSV data exports called num_identification_disagreements, but I don’t know of a way to query its value in a search URL.