Identify fails to reduce search params when accessed via Explore

I very frequently use Explore/Observations to do a map-based search (zoom in to where I want, then Redo search in map), then I move to Identify to examine the results. However, when I move to Identify, parameters that are normally stripped by search_params_reducer are not stripped and make the URL messy and hard to deal with. Since my next step is often to modify the URL manually, it would be nice to start with a clean URL.

A typical workflow might go like this:

  • open Observations
  • put in Sciurus as the taxon
  • zoom in on map
  • open Filters and un-check Verifiable, then click the link to Identify

The URL after moving to identify is now
This includes the blank parameters user_id and project_id, plus the parameters verifiable, page, spam, and place_id all set to their defaults.

I do think the search params should be fixed on the Identify end, but I’ll also point out that the root cause is that Explore is modifying params in perhaps not the best way as it hands out to Identify/Atom/Download, and the issue should probably also be addressed at that end for the sake of Atom and Download. But maybe that was already going to happen with the Explore re-write.

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that if you move to Identify from Explore with verifiable=true (the Explore default), I think switching from the Identify default of needs_id to casual should probably reset that parameter.
Also, there seems to be a small issue with hidden params, because sometimes CreatedDateType shows up in my URL:

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