Identify results skip some observations when viewing every results-page sequentially

Page: Identify (filters: Research Grade, Reviewed = No; see at bottom). I view each observation (obs.) on each result page (enlarging each or viewing from grid-view). I go until the last page’s last obs., at which point I’ve ID’d some, but viewed others without ID’ing (I didn’t check/uncheck reviewed boxes aside from what automatically happens, so that’s not a factor).

First issue: the last page sometimes is blank. I think the reviewed or ID’d obs. on prior pages shift the total number so the last page no longer exists (although is still shown as a clickable page).

Main issue: after reaching the last page, often the page list at the bottom still exists, indicating there are still obs. in them. But when I view them they show (some) obs. which were never shown earlier. I verified this by searching species which occur either with distinctive ID features in good photos, but are hard to ID in other photos. I first checked all and made the easy IDs, and skipped ID’ing the rest. But when I went back to the early pages after reaching the end, some new easy obs. showed up (if I’d seen them earlier, I’d have ID’d them).

Platform: Website. Browser: Chrome, and I think Firefox too.
URL: Identify page, filter: Bombus ternarius (or Bombus griseocollis, or Apis mellifera), New York state, US, Research Grade (or Needs ID), Reviewed = no (or yes).

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It’s not a bug, and there isn’t a great way to avoid it, sorry. Basically the problem is that it doesn’t really make sense to paginate through content that changes dynamically, so you get some kind of unexpected behavior.

It’s been discussed previously in a few different topics, here’s one that has some comments from staff.


That’s sort of what I was trying to address here:

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@jwidness @thomaseverest It’s interesting to see those related forum topics/requests. Some of which I may also agree with, although I was slightly confused understanding some of them. I also edited mine to clarify. I think the major thing this topic uniquely comments on (even if it can’t be fixed) is even if you identify “all” Identify results on all pages, it somehow initially “skips” showing some of them. For example if there’s 5 result-pages, and you review all their observations in order, then at the end some pages will still be listed (e.g. 1, 2, and 3), and those show “new” obs. mixed in with older ones.

I’m unsure if this (particular thing) is a bug, but many users probably miss observations this way (when they’re trying to view every observation), so it’s good for everyone to know to see all Identify observations, keep rechecking all pages from the list at the bottom (even after reaching the last page) until the list disappears.

This is how:

And this is why the current setup exists:
There is still no bug here, only an imperfect system for dealing with constantly changing content.

As an analogy, imagine telling someone to open their book to page 12, but then taking out pages 2-4 and then telling them to open to page 13. Should page 13 be the page after 12 or should it be the sequentially 13th page?


I understand this although I’m unsure if it completely resolves the specific issues I brought up. Similarly in some of the related topics, some users preferred if changes could be made to the Identify page. So, I think it’s useful to bring up again in this new way, but maybe it would’ve been best for general category, since not considered a bug.

Working as designed - see related feature requests discussions above.