Ignore "Pupa" tag when reading taxa from photo tags in web uploader

When I use the web photo uploader
to make a new observation out of a photo tagged with a taxon name as well as the life stage of “pupa”, the taxon selected by the uploader is the snail genus Pupa.

But pupa is far more common as a life stage than as a taxon, so could this tag be ignored by the uploader taxon selector? Then another keyword indicating a taxon would be selected as the taxon for the observation.

Variations on the tag, like “Pupa sp.” or “Genus Pupa” could still be read as Genus Pupa, for those who are uploading photos of the snail genus.

We’ll add it to the list that already contains California, Tanzania, and others. Does anyone else have words that should be added to this list?

Off the top of my head with no research at all I know Argentina is both a plant and fish genus

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And Peru is a cricket genus.

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