I'm stuck in Mobile View on the iNaturalist Forum(Issue Resolved). Bug still there

I’m stunk in Moblie View on the iNaturalist Forum. I opened moblie view by mistake and how I did it is not showing up.

Platform: Android, Website

Browser: Samsung internet

Edit: Issue resolved. I cleared cookies and then it worked again. You should fix it thought so in moblile view it has the "Go back to desktop site"

Click on 3 lines on the head of the page, there’ll be a choice.

Not on moblie view. Only on desktop view.

Edit: I got a pop-up saying “You’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 8 hours before trying again.” For now I will just edit this post with the text “Edit”.

Please send screenshots, I’m trying now and can switch back and forth using it.


Oh! Sorry! I could. Did not see that there.

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I can’t edit becuase of my trust level so here is what I would like someone who can edit other people posts to add.

Solution because I did not see that there. Thank you!