Improving and leading IDs change when confirming a species ID

In observations when you ID a genus and then someone adds a species ID, theirs displays as leading ID and yours displays as improving ID. Hovering over the improving ID, it says “first suggestion of this taxon the community agrees with.” But if you then confirm the second identifier’s species ID, your ID loses any title and theirs changes from leading to improving. This might occur because your first ID becomes categorized as withdrawn, although seemingly should be considered as having been refined vs. withdrawn. Is it inconsistent for improving and leading ID titles to change in the way described? Would it be more consistent for the second identifier’s original species ID to remain leading, and your confirmation of their species ID to remain improving?

Looks like you’ve already voted for this request, but I thought it would be good to include:


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Yes, I had once seen the above two topics and this one does seem related to them, re: withdrawn IDs. I was unsure if people had specifically noted that the first identifier’s improving ID (and I think also leading ID in principle, in other scenarios) is lost, and that the second identifier’s leading species ID changes to improving if the first confirms it. I suggest that those ID titles/statuses wouldn’t ideally change in those circumstances. By the way aside from displaying on observations, a user’s percent leading, improving, and supporting IDs is shown in year in review, and in an obscure stats url which has been shared on the forum before. In the event the ID titles changing is entirely due to the withdrawn factor, I’d be fine if these additional notes were considered part of the above feature request or split the topic to move these comments to it.

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